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Treatments we offer -

*Some stains maybe be impossible to fully remove due to either the time length of the stain or any previous treatment used. 

  • Wine

  • Coffee/Tea

  • Fizzy Drinks 

  • Food

  • Paint and Gloss

  • Ink

  • Slime / Chewing Gum

  • Rust

  • Makeup

  • Faeces

  • Pet Urine/Vomit

  • Human Urine/Vomit

  • Blood


Odour Treatment

Disassembles urine on contact removing the salts and crystals that cause odours.
Particularly effective on mattresses where browning and stains have occurred.

Residential friendly, urine odour and stain treatment.

Stain Protection

WOOLSAFE Advanced hydrophobic protection. Repels liquid spills and dry soiling.

Works on both Natural and Synthetic fibres.

Curing times can be between 30 minutes and 24 hours depending on the Fibre


Treatments offered:

Up to 12 Months

 Up to 6-12 Months

Up to 3-6 Months

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