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Upholstery Cleaning - Why choose us?

Professional and fully trained to clean the majority of fabric upholstery sofas, dining room chairs, and cushions.

Fabrics that we can professionally upholstery clean are: Linen Sofas, Cotton Sofas, Corded Sofas, Wool Sofas, Chenille Sofas.

Sofa materials that we can NOT clean are: Leather sofas, Velvet sofas, and Suede sofas.

With our special upholstery hand tool. It has a continuous flow design, which allows you to extract in both directions for the best possible clean. Not like some DIY machines that you can hire from the shops. Which will leave your sofa saturated in water and detergent.

Tom Tom Carpet Cleaning covers all of Norfolk with a minimum callout charge starting from £40.00.

When contacting Tom Tom Carpet Cleaning. We will you to provide that following information to help us provide you with a accurate quotation.

  • How big is the sofa, what seater sofa?

  • What material type do you think the sofa is made of?

  • Have you ever clean the sofa by yourself or professionally before?

  • Are the cushions removable or fixed to the sofa?

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Tom Tom Carpet Cleaning is a small local business that truly values its clients and their satisfaction. Their attention to detail and professional approach make them the go-to carpet cleaning service


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