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Booking confirmed.

Thank you for booking with Tom Tom Carpet Cleaning. 

Just a few things to advise about before Tom, from Tom Tom Carpet Cleaning arrives. 

Carpets - 
Preparing the space for carpet cleaning is an important step that can help to ensure that the cleaning process is more effective and efficient. It can also help to protect your furniture and other items in the room. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take the time to prepare the space before your carpet cleaning appointment.

If the floor space is not in an unworkable condition. Tom has the right to refuse the job and reschedule the booking for an alternative date. 

The prices given over the phone/text/email, are just quotations. If the area/s are bigger than advised or the condition of the carpet is different at the time of booking.  Tom will advise at the start of the appointment that there may be a change of price. 

Upholstery - 
When booking an upholstery clean. When Tom arrives at your appointment, he will always do a full inspection of the sofa before carrying out any work.
Some sofas, depending on the age,  high-use areas, material, and previous damage may not go back to their original state. However, it would be cleaned but might not necessarily improve the visual look.
If in person, Tom sees that there would not be any improvement to the sofa. Tom has the right to turn down the job. 

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